May 2014 770Piano instruction for the Spring session begins January 3rd, 2024.  Lessons are a monthly fee of $95.00 for half hour , and payable at the beginning of each month, regardless of absences.  Books & materials are $25.00 per student for each semester.

Missed lessons, if excused prior to lesson time may be rescheduled at the convenience of the teacher.  No credits or refunds on missed lessons.  If you wish to cancel a lesson please call before noon the day of the lesson.  Please stay home if you have a cold or are sick.

The Piano studio will close one week for Christmas and the week of Spring break.  However, the tuition payment for both of these months will remain the same as all other months.  The free fifth lesson will serve as makeups for these missed weeks.  For Thanksgiving week, all lessons will meet except Thanksgiving day.  That lesson will be made up by the teacher on the Saturday before or after Thanksgiving.  Summer piano is on a week by week basis.

Daily piano practice is necessary for piano study and pupils should practice at regular intervals, (thirty minutes for beginners, forty-five for 2nd year students and sixty minutes for 3rd year and above).  Short sessions of ten or fifteen minutes two or three times per day will get very good results.  Please bring your folder to each lesson so that the assignment will be clear and communication between the patron and teacher can be properly established.  SEE STUDENT VIDEO